What it means to be an Evolve Salon, and Why?

At Evolve, we realize salons have a multitude of choices on who they  do business with. With all of these options, salon owners should be looking at what value and benefits they receive from their vendors. Another retail line or a discount off purchases sounds enticing but we have come to realize it doesn’t change the situation that salon owners face on a daily basis. Every salon owner faces a combination of the following three challenges:


1. Recruiting, Training, and Motivating Employees

2. Getting more Clients to come into the salon more often and spend more money

3. Cash Flow Management and Profitability


Evolve has created their Integrated Business System which focuses on solving and supporting the salon for sustainable growth by managing these three challenges. There are a number of vendors that will provide a solution for one of these challenges. Evolve is the only distributor that truly partners with the salon and has a proven strategy to solve all three.  Business is ever changing, as a salon owner you might not have an issue yet with one of these challenges. Statistics show throughout the life of a business you will meet all of these three challenges. This is why you need a partner that has the solutions, and has the Strategies & Systems to curtail these challenges before they become a detriment to your business. Evolve has a growth plan for your stylist, your salon, and your profitability.


As a salon, you need to purchase your hair care and color from someone. Evolve commits if you purchase all of your hair care and color supplies from them you will get the Integrated Business System FREE! Evolve creates a level playing field no matter your size or purchases. Every Evolve Salon receives all of the benefits of education, marketing, consulting, and back bar & station products FREE! Product lines come and go, but the stability of a partner for your salons growth is what makes the difference.


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